by Amrita Hepi 3 December 2015

When it hits the holidays you might be inclined to crumple into an exhausted heap, but the day after that? Glorious, unadulterated spare time. The realisation you’re no longer chained to a desk might make you happy dance through your living room, and that is very good and you should definitely do that.

the Cusp.

the Cusp.

Dance and physical movement are some of the best ways to work yourself, because when you’re learning a new skill or routine, you’re putting both body andmind through their paces. Plus, a class environment means you’re forced to meet other cool kids, ergo things rarely get boring. So before you get horizontal on the couch, harness that joy and funnel it towards these Sydney spots that professional dancer, choreographer, founder of Hollaback dance classes and Chief Cool Kid, Amrita Hepi, loves.


Aerial Yoga at Sky-lab

Now this may not be for everyone, and when I first did AcroYoga in San Fran I vomited – don’t eat a huge plate of frijoles before class – but Sky Lab’s aerial yoga is gentle, lovely and patient. It’s yoga sans gravity.

Image: Sky Lab