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Pedestrian - Do The Seven-Day Yoga Challenge Help Fight Breast Cancer


Pedestrian - Do The Seven-Day Yoga Challenge Help Fight Breast Cancer


As you may or may not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a time to respectfully feel yourself (or a consenting significant other) up. With this in mind, two Aussie yoga enthusiasts have come up with a bloody ripper idea to get you limber as hell, while also supporting the fight against breast cancer.

The 7-Day Instagram Yoga Challenge is happening right now, and it could not be easier for you to take part.

Challenge founders and stellar individuals Leah Simmons and Sasha Taylor will post a different yoga pose each day, for you to recreate, and then post to Instagram with the hashtag #yogabreastcancerchallenge.

Here's the real kicker - for every pose that gets posted, Leah and Sasha will donate $1 to the McGrath Foundation, which aims to place breast cancer nurses in communities across Australia, and raise awareness among young people.

The challenge started on Saturday October 25, but if you're worried about being late to the party, then go ahead and chill - you can join in and post your poses any time until Friday November 14.

Just follow @yogaone1 and @leah.simmons on Instagram, then post an image of your own unique take on the daily poses, making sure to tag them and add the all-important hashtag #yogabreastcancerchallenge.

Easy done. You'll increase your flexibility, and be satisfied that you're displaying your mad yoga skills - or embarrassing lack thereof - for a damn good cause. Get amongst it and get #blessed for breast:

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Posted on: October 28, 2014 9:02AM by Pedestrian.