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Pedestrian - Do The Seven-Day Yoga Challenge Help Fight Breast Cancer


Pedestrian - Do The Seven-Day Yoga Challenge Help Fight Breast Cancer


As you may or may not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a time to respectfully feel yourself (or a consenting significant other) up. With this in mind, two Aussie yoga enthusiasts have come up with a bloody ripper idea to get you limber as hell, while also supporting the fight against breast cancer.

The 7-Day Instagram Yoga Challenge is happening right now, and it could not be easier for you to take part.

Challenge founders and stellar individuals Leah Simmons and Sasha Taylor will post a different yoga pose each day, for you to recreate, and then post to Instagram with the hashtag #yogabreastcancerchallenge.

Here's the real kicker - for every pose that gets posted, Leah and Sasha will donate $1 to the McGrath Foundation, which aims to place breast cancer nurses in communities across Australia, and raise awareness among young people.

The challenge started on Saturday October 25, but if you're worried about being late to the party, then go ahead and chill - you can join in and post your poses any time until Friday November 14.

Just follow @yogaone1 and @leah.simmons on Instagram, then post an image of your own unique take on the daily poses, making sure to tag them and add the all-important hashtag #yogabreastcancerchallenge.

Easy done. You'll increase your flexibility, and be satisfied that you're displaying your mad yoga skills - or embarrassing lack thereof - for a damn good cause. Get amongst it and get #blessed for breast:

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Posted on: October 28, 2014 9:02AM by Pedestrian.


Pop Sugar - Surry Hills Sky Lab: What Is Anti Gravity Yoga?


Pop Sugar - Surry Hills Sky Lab: What Is Anti Gravity Yoga?

Would You Go Upside Down For This Fitness Trend?

by Stephanie Ayre 18/7/14

Picture yourself suspended from the ceiling, all wrapped up in a cloth-like hammock, putting those circus and trapeze skills to good use. You there yet? We recently discovered anti-gravity yoga and seriously can't stop talking about it. It's incredibly fun (but, not easy) and while it draws from traditional yoga styles, it's like nothing we've ever tried before. Think tighter core, strength and the chance to cleanse and refresh your entire body. We hear you can even grow a little taller.

We caught up with the founder of Surry Hills' Sky Lab, Shari Veitch, to get an inside peek at this fun, new fitness trend.

POPSUGAR AUSTRALIA: What is Anti-Gravity Yoga, and why do you think it has become one of the biggest fitness trends in Australia?

Shari Veitch: Anti-Gravity Yoga has been in the US for about 20 years, so I think we’re finally starting to switch on and realise the importance of these styles here in Australia. I also believe it's because it's something new and different, and not a workout you can do at home or online. With the yoga community blossoming, people are starting to understand the necessity of health and well-being — we’re starting to really integrate this into our social dialogue.

What is it? Well, it really is a fusion technique. It mixes yoga with Pilates and aerial arts, as well as other basic dance and calisthenics. It’s incredibly fun and light-hearted! It allows you to have a complete work out from head-to-toe, while having the best time doing it.

PS: What are some of the biggest health benefits?

SV:  One of the key benefits of this type of yoga is the zero-compression inversion you get. Essentially, that means being upside down. You get the same benefits as you would with a headstand or basic inversion techniques in a mat-based or floor-based class. But, being completely encased in a hammock and suspended (which is fun!) allows you to be in these positions at ease, for a longer period of time.

So, when it comes to your health, it can help with spinal alignment (to lengthen and elongate), spinal flexibility, as well as allowing the circulatory and lymphatic systems to refresh while stimulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s this reason, that this method is great for rehabilitation purposes, cardiovascular endurance, muscular tension, core strengthening and meditation purposes.

PS: How does it compare to traditional styles of yoga?

SV: In some ways, it’s not that easy to compare it to traditional mat or floor-based yoga styles, because of the extra-fusion influences. But, it definitely has roots from yoga, as well as drawing from Pilates, aerial arts, and meditation styles. One of the main differences is the apparatus, it's different to anything you've probably ever tried. Just imagine doing some of the traditional yogic postures and moves, but upside down.

PS: Are there any pre-requisites for your first class?

SV: No, absolutely none! Even if you’ve never done any yoga before, this method is suited for all. It might help to have core-strength established, but you’ll be working at your own pace and can move through the poses as fast or as slow as you’d like.

PS: What should you expect from your first class?

SV: Your first class is just about finding your sense of flight and taking it slow. We just want you to get your feet off the floor, experience aerial yoga, and start to move your body in a three-dimensional space. 

PS: How many classes do you recommend to see results?

SV: By taking one class a week you’ll get to see the benefits in your health and fitness. Some clients will choose to take an Anti-Gravity class alongside another complimentary yoga class, but one class is perfect to see the results — and expect to see them fast!

Photo Source: Stephanie Simcox

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