Do you want to feel complete freedom in your movement, build strength and flexibility, and be a part of a community on the same path of transformation? 

We would be honoured to support you to deepen in your aerial practice and coach you progressively through our Ten Week comprehensive Aerial Yoga course programs and beyond.

Programs begin at beginner Aerial Yoga Foundation level all the way through to Aerial Yoga Advanced - creating your clear pathway to your journey of flight. Expect to develop your awareness of your body in space through aerial vinyasa sequences, experience zero compression inversions, all over body conditioning, deep stretches and hip openings, all-over body traction - and best of all floating savasanas…..

Your time is valuable and we are here to support you to live your highest elevation in body and mind and committed to providing you the highest quality Aerial Classes and Courses we can offer. 

Prioritise the time each week for you,  to relax, strengthen, lengthen and learn. Build strength, agility and resilience to be able to give more to all you do and those you love

Come fly! 


10 week Aerial Yoga course / $270

TERMS: 10 week aerial yoga courses run consecutively from May 28th - August 2nd  and guarantee your space in your chosen course each week |  Makeup sessions are available to to take any other Ten Week Aerial Yoga course in your current level or a level below, within duration of your course and subject to hammock availability.  | All courses are non refundable and non transferable | 

**Makeup course sessions are available to take in any other Ten Week Aerial Yoga Course class in your level or any level below within the duration of you current course and are subject to hammock availability. To attend your makeup course class please arrive at the studio at least ten minutes before your chosen Makeup Course class, let the trainer know you are there to attend a makeup class if there is space and wait on the bench. If a space becomes available for you in the course class you are more than welcome to attend.