Tea & Savasana Workshop event 

SUNDAY JUNE 10th | 3:00PM - 4:30PM

Sky-lab  X  Husk Mill 

Come float weightless in a hammock high above the city. Feel your body move freely in all directions of open space.
Return to ground, warm your body and heart with a Cacao Tea Ceremony hosted by The Husk Mill

3:00pm - 4:30pm | Sunday June 10th |  $55 pp

What you'll walk away with: 

Having experienced an afternoon of bliss and relaxation in the hammock, with Lab founder Shari Veitch.  Floating weightless in all directions, moving with breath, exploring subtle gyro kinetic movements, gentle stretches,  whole body traction and zero compression inversions as well as finishing with blissful savasana in the hammock... 

Ground on the soft meditation cushions, and warm your body and your heart with a private Cacao Tea Ceremony and informative session held by Husk Mill co founder Elaina Downey. 

Husk Mill products available for purchase on the day!