Gift Voucher Six Weeks to Shred course


Gift Voucher Six Weeks to Shred course


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SIX WEEKS TO SHRED - Aerial Fit Course

High Intensity Workout | 6 week course program | Get the results you want fast!

Aerial Hammock  + Resistance Straps + Resistance Loops + Blocks + Balls 

SIX WEEKS TO SHRED Aerial Fit Course is a dynamic whole body aerial conditioning workout.  Combining suspension, resistance training and aerial fitness  for all over body conditioning.

Expect to sweat, developing solid core strength exploring shapes like inverted sit-ups, chin-ups and handstands while also using deep stretching techniques to lengthen and strengthen. There’ll also be plenty of inversions allowing recovery time, decompression and traction of the spine as you steadily and progressively develop in your practice.

While some core strength is recommended this course is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

NB. Attending a Beginner Aerial Yoga Workshop prior to starting your Six Weeks to Shred Course is highly recommended as a prerequisite. 

TERMS: Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months and enrolment must be made prior to attending the studio. Reach out to our ninja team to enrol