Aerial Yoga Ten Week Courses

Six Weeks to Shred Aerial Fit Course

Beginner Workshops


Aerial Yoga Ten Week Courses

Low Intensity Workout | 10 week course  | Develop strength and flexibility in body and mind

Experience zero compression inversions, all-over body traction, deep stretches, whole body conditioning and best of all enjoy floating savasana… Expect to feel complete freedom in your movement, build your strength and flexibility, each week and allow time for you to relax, strengthen and learn. Aerial Yoga courses begin at beginner Aerial Yoga Foundation level all the way through to Aerial Yoga Advanced - creating your clear pathway on your journey of flight!


High Intensity Workout | 6 week course | Get the results you want fast!

SIX WEEKS TO SHRED Aerial Fit Course is a dynamic whole body aerial conditioning workout.  Combining suspension, resistance training and aerial fitness  for all over body conditioning.

Expect to sweat, developing solid core strength exploring shapes like inverted sit-ups, chin-ups and handstands while also using deep stretching techniques to lengthen and strengthen. There’ll also be plenty of inversions allowing recovery time, decompression and traction of the spine as you steadily and progressively develop in your practice.

Beginner Aerial Yoga Workshop

Perfect for absolute beginners and floor based yogis alike. We’ll cover key foundational techniques to enable you to feel comfortable, confident and at home in your aerial hammock!  Exploring inversions, learning fluid sequences, moving with breath and a floating savasana to finish...

Expect to feel relaxed, lengthened and strengthened as you learn to fly and decompress the spine!

SATURDAYS: 11:30AM - 1:00PM AUGUST 10th & 17th

SATURDAYS: 1:00PM - 2:30PM AUGUST 24th onwards

Booking essential | No experience required

Spinning Hammock Workshop


Spinning Hammock Workshop

Aerial sequencing | Workshop session | Intermediate+ Level

Take your Aerial practice to the next level and spin!

WHO'S IT FOR: Current and past Sky-lab Aerial Yoga course clients from level 2 - Advanced

WHAT YOU'LL WALK AWAY WITH: Having learnt, mastered, and showcased a full spinning aerial routine!

Low Hammock Workshop


Spring Low Hammock Workshop

Experience a morning of bliss and relaxation in your low hammock workshop, with Lab founder Shari Veitch. Float weightless and move freely in all directions of open space, as you connect your movement with breath and sonic resonance. Explore subtle gyro kinetic movements, deep and gentle stretches, receive whole body traction and partial inversions as well as softening with every exhalation into a blissful savasana surrender in your low hammock... 10:30m - 12:00pm | 90 minute session | Sunday September 22nd | $45 pp Beginners welcome | Spaces limited | workshop session

Sound Bath 2 hour Aerial and Gong Sound Immersion experience

2 hour aerial and gong sound bath experience with master sound healer Leith James and Lab founder Shari Veitch - BOOKED OUT